Environment and energy

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  • Environmental effects of using energy resources
    • Habitats can be destroyed by mining and oil and gas collection. Farming biofuels destroys natural habitats. Hydroelectric schemes and tidal barrages can cause habitats to be damaged.
      • Nuclear power stations take up a lot less space than stations that burn coal because they do not need space for storing fuel.
        • Wind farms cover many square kilometers to produce the same amount of power as a small power station.
    • Burning solid fuels (coal, wood) produces ash, which must be disposed of.
    • Coal mines, oil rigs, power stations and wind farms are thought by some to people to be visual pollution.
    • Burning fuels releases pollutants into the atmosphere
      • You do not need to recall the details of the greenhouse effect and global warming at this stage.
    • Noise pollution may be a disadvantage of wind farms. Mines are also noisy.


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