Using Energy


Types of Energy

Types of energy:

  • Electrical, Light, Sound
  • Kinetic,Nuclear, Heat
  • Elastic Potential, Chemical, Gravitational Potential

The last 3 are forms of stored energy

Conservation of energy: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed

Energy is only useful when it can transferred from one form to another

Sankey Diagrams:

  • Used to show where the energy is transferred to:
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Useful Energy & Efficiency

Useful Energy: Energy in the place and form that we need it

Wasted Energy: Energy that isnt useful

Both useful and wasted energy ends up getting transferred to the environment eventually


  • Most energy transfers invlove some loss of energy, often heat
  • Efficiency = Useful energy (or power) out / Total energy( or power) in ( x 100 for a % )
  • No machine can be more than 100% efficient
  • Machines can be made more efficient by decreasing friction, sound, heat etc
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