Environmental and Medical Issues

Environmental and Medical Issues Theory Mind Map Excluding IVF

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  • Environmental and Medical Issues
    • Global Warming
      • Why is it happening?
        • Natural Climate Change
        • Solar - fewer cloud, more radiation
        • Greenhouse Effect - layer of CO2
      • Solutions
        • Public Transport
        • More Efficient Cars
        • New ways to generate electricity
        • Cars without CO2 emissions
      • Forms of Pollutions
        • Human Waste
          • Recycling
        • Eutrophication
          • Sewage Treatment
        • Radioactive Waste
          • Rocks
        • Acid Rain
          • Different Way of making Electricity
    • Stewarship
      • Looking after something so it can be passed down to the next generation
      • Christians
        • Why?
          • Parable of the Talent
          • Bible
          • Jesus
          • Judgement Day
        • How?
          • Improve Quality of Life
          • Support Environmental Groups
          • Reduce Pollution
      • Muslims
        • Why?
          • Muslim's are God's Khalifa's
          • Judgement Day
          • Life Is A Test
          • Qu'ran
        • How?
          • Environmental Groups
          • Reduce Pollution
          • Follow God's message of looking after his earth
    • IVF and Fertility Treatment
      • Organ Donation: Giving Organs to be used in translant surgery
      • IVF: The method of fertilising a human egg in a test tube
      • Artificial Insemination: Injecting semen into the uterus by artificial means
        • AIH (by Husband)
        • AID (by donor)
    • Transplant Surgery
      • Islam
        • Do not allow because
          • Shar'iah Law nothing should be removed after death
          • Playing God
          • Qu'ran
          • Organs for Resurrection
        • Allow for close relatives
          • Muslim lawyers
          • Muslim Law Council says Muslims can carry donor card
          • Helping people
      • Christianity
        • Agree but disagree with being bought, also agree with living transplants
          • Immortality of the Soul
          • Do not need organs for ressurection
          • Loving neighbours
          • Bible against explotations
          • Playing God from Dead to Living, God has chosen the dead to be dead
        • Disagree
          • Playing God
          • Ignores Sanctity of Life
          • The Doctor might bias the patient to  the accident victim
          • Resources could be better spent


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