The Rise of the Nazis

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  • The Rise of the Nazis
    • Between 1928 and 1932 Nazi votes rose from 800,000 to 14 million as people wanted a strong male leader
    • 1.The Great Depression
      • Businesses collapsed and unemployment rose so did Nazi votes
      • Hitler thrived on economic woes as his promises were very attractive to people
    • 2. Germans were dissatisfied with the government
      • The Gov. was weak and couldn't pass laws as there were too many parties in parliament
      • Two chancellors resigned in quick succession as a result
      • President Hindenburg had to increasingly use his emergency powers, whereby he could pass laws without consulting parliament
      • In this uncertain political environment extremist groups like the Nazis and communists grew in popularity
    • 3. Fear of Communism
      • 1917 Russian Revolution took over all businesses, factories and farms (became state owned)
        • Religion was also abolished
        • Nationalisation and religious oppression made many people in Germany fear for a revolution in their own country
      • Hitler gained support from the middle and upper class (business owners) as he promised to deal with communists
    • 4. Hitler's personality
      • He was an inspiring and power orator and he could fill audiences with hope
    • 5. Organisation of the Nazi Party
      • After the failed Munich Putsch and his time in prison, Hitler realised that he needed to take a democratic approach
      • With the help of Joseph Goebbels:
        • Set up offices all over Germany
        • Bough newspapers
        • Printed millions of leaflets and posters
        • Organised parades and rallies where Hitler held passionate speeches
        • Used new technologies like the radio and aeroplanes to hold many speeches in a few days


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