English language section A

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  • English language
    • Section A-Question 1
      • Time-15-17 mins
        • Reading-5 mins
        • Reading- 10-12 mins
      • Format-What do you learn about...?
        • What-Identify don't analyse
        • You-Keep it focused on the reader
        • Learn-Use this frequently
        • About-Stay on topic
        • ...-The topic of the text is the focus if the question
      • Read between the lines
      • Intergrate quotations to support your points
      • Make connections between points
      • DON'T
        • Analyse anything-the question is not a how
        • Focus overally on complex structures-You will not be marked on this
    • Section A-Question 2
        • Requires you to look at the headline, sub-headline and picture and comment on the effects
          • Identify
          • Discuss effect
          • Link to where it is in the article
      • DON'T
        • Make generalised statements
      • Do
        • Be specific
    • Section A-Question 3
      • Time-10-12 mins
      • Marks-8
      • Explain a charchters thoughts and feelings
        • Put yourself in their position and imagine what is going through their mind
        • Ask yourself- Do the thoughts and feelings change
        • Intergrate quotations to support your points
        • Explain-Do not just state a point, support with a quotation and analyse the effect
      • DON'T
        • Recount the events
      • Top band requirements
        • A full understanding of the events is shown
        • In depth explanations and interpretations of thoughts and feelings
        • Appropriate quotations are selected which support ideas
    • Section A- Question 4
      • Analyse and compare language and its effect
      • When explaining a point be sure to include the effects
      • Compare the contrasting uses of language for different purposes
      • DON'T
        • Compare presentatiol devicess, e.g. pictures
        • Compare content
        • Play 'spot the similie'
        • Write a long generalised introduction
      • Consider the effect of
        • Punctuation
        • Symbolism
        • Tone
      • Top band requirements
        • Ful understanding in relation to language
        • Analyse how language differs to create effect
        • Appropriate quotations
        • Comparison and cross-referencing


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