English Language 14 to 1500's

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  • English language 1450 - 1500
    • Richard Pynson (1448 Normandy - 1529)
      • Printed 500 books that helped influence English languge.
      • Credited with intoducing Roman type into English printing
      • Became the Kings Printer to Henry VII the to his heir Henry VIII in 1506
      • Expert in printing law texts
      • Book of Hours or Missals
    • William Caxton (1415-1422ca, March 1492)
      • First English person to work as a printer
      • First book he printed 1473 - Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye
      • Set up printing press in Westminster 1476.
      • Helped to provide most linguistically exact replication of foreign language
      • Hurried his publishing, led to wholesale transfer of French words to English and numerous mistakes.
    • Chancery Standard
      • In early stages CS users would have been familiar with French and Latin
      • provided a core of which early modern English could crystalise
      • By mid 15th century was used for most official purposes except by the church (who used latin).
      • Was largely based on the London and East Midland dialects
        • Used other forms of dialects to make it clearer e.g 'they' 'their' used tharter than the london hi/they or 'hir'
          • Helped to avoid confusion with words such as he, her, him.
    • Durin this period
      • Men coming into power, som of the from other parts of the countyor from lower levels of society
      • Printing began in 1470's, which began to stabilise process
    • Wynke de Worde
      • First printer to set up on Fleet Street
      • First man to build a book stall in St. Paul's Churchyard
      • Allowed for accesable knowledge for general public, more complicated words being used
      • Helped process of distribution.


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