England vs Spain

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  • England vs Spain
    • The Spanish Armada left Spain on the 22nd July 1588
      • A fast sailing boat spotted them and went to warm the English
    • Story Board
      • 1. 130 ships set out, sailing packed together in a crescent shape, which the English would find hard to attack
      • 2. The Spanish are spotted off Cornwall on 29th July and beacons are lit on hilltops to warn people of a possible invasion.
        • The English Navy chases the Spaniards for over a week but cannot sink a single Spanish ship.
      • 3, The Spanish arrive in Calais, on 6th August.
        • They wait for Spanish soldiers to join them but the soldiers are delayed
      • 4. Sir Francis Drake attacks the Spanish ships with the weapon they fear the most - fireships.
        • Eight old ships are filled with straw, gunpowder, tar and barrels of pig fat and then set alight.
          • They act like floating bombs and drift towards the Spanish, who panic when they see them.
      • 5. Frightened by the fireships, the Spanish scatter in ones and twos, all over the North Sea.
        • The fast English ships attack again and again.
      • 6. The Spaniards flee.
        • A sudden storm batters their ships as they struggle home around Scotland and Ireland.
      • 7. Nearly every Spanish ship is damaged.
        • The sailors starve as their food goes mouldy.
          • Injured men die when their wounds become infected.
            • As their ships sink, some sailors manage to stagger ashore, only to be attacked by the Scots and Irish.


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