Challenges Abroad: France, Scotland, Spain

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  • Challenges abroad in 1588
    • Expenses of War
      • Crown in debt
      • couldn't afford war with France,Spain or Scotland
    • Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis
      • England lost Calais to france
        • Last remaining territory on continent
    • The Auld Alliance
      • France's alliance with Scotland
        • Strengthened by marriage of Francis II to MQS
        • Threatened England
          • Mary of Guise kept French soldiers in Scotland
            • MQS mother
    • French threat
      • Wealthier and bigger population than England
      • MQS married to french king Francis II
        • She had strong claim to English throne
          • English  catholics might rally to her if French invaded
    • France v Spain
      • Ended war with Spain
        • Risk they would unite against Protestant England
        • Spain had troops in Netherlands, not far from England
    • What did Elizabeth do
      • Peace of Troyes 1564
        • France got Calais
      • MQS fled Scotland 1568
        • Put under custody in England
      • One threat left: Spain


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