England 1035-1066

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  • England 1035-1066
    • The Kingdom
      • During the period, England is divided into four kingdoms, all with respective power, that was essentially later retained through the Earldom's.
        • Wessex
        • East Anglia
        • Northumbria
        • Mercia
    • Monarchy
      • The Monarch during the period had absolute power, and the course starts with Canute's death
        • Canute was the viking invader responsible for the country. He pushed for strong relations with Rome, peace and maintaining the traditions of the country. He was followed by Harold I and harthacanute, before Edward took the throne in 1042
      • As a result of this, The only like ot the throne left was one of Ethelred's son's, Edward. Known as Edward the Confessor for his deeply religious attitude, he became King in 1042 and ruled to 1066
    • Harold
      • Harold held the earldom of Wessex, once of the largest and more populus of the country
      • During his reign, Edward lacked a substantial powerbase, and as such relied on support from Harold and the people of Wessex due to their like of him
      • Harold persistently tried to dominate the rule of Edward. His role as a powerful supportive earl was important to Edward, and this was supported by his brothers being appointed to different Earldoms
        • Eventually, Harold succeeded in his domination, and was appointed as the Sub-regulus.  During this period he maintained peace despite tension along the welsh border
        • Furthermore, he successfully married off his daughter to Edward
    • key events of Edwards Rule
      • Stripped his mother of all title and land due to her treatment of him




It was Earl Godwin not Harold. Harold is Earl godwins son, and he comes back and becomes close companions with Edward succeeds in 1066 then loses William the conqueror.

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