energy transfers

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  • Energy Transfers
    • What are energy transfers?
      • Different types of energy can be transferred from one type to another. Energy transfer diagrams show each type of energy, whether it is stored or not, and the processes taking place as it is transferred. Sankey diagrams also show the relative amounts of each type of energy.
    • What are Sankey Diagrams?
      • Sankey diagrams summarise all the energy transfers taking place in a process. The thicker the line or arrow, the greater the amount of energy involved.
    • What are the 3 thermal energy transfers?
      • Conduction, Convection and radiation.
        • What is Conduction?
          • When a substance is heated, its particles gain energy and vibrate more vigorously. The particles bump into nearby particles and make them vibrate more. This passes the thermal energy through the substance byconduction, from the hot end to the cold end.
        • What is Convection?
          • The particles in liquids and gases can move from place to place.Convection happens when particles with a lot of thermal energy in a liquid or gas move, and take the place of particles with less thermal energy. Thermal energy is transferred from hot places to cold places by convection.
      • What is radiation?
        • All objects transfer thermal energy by infrared radiation. The hotter an object is, the more infrared radiation it gives off.No particles are involved in radiation, unlike conduction and convection. This means that thermal energy transfer by radiation can even work in space, but conduction and convection cannot.


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