Energy systems

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  • Energy systems
    • Adenosine triophosphate (ATP)
      • Used by body for energy
      • 2 seconds worth
      • Stored everywhere- floats in the liquid in cells
      • Energy is stored in bonds, when broken= energy released
      • ATP= ADP+PI+ Energy
    • ATP-PC system
      • Splits phosphocreatine (muscles)
        • By creatine kinase enzyme
        • Into creatine and phosphate
      • Uses this energy and free phosphate to recycle ATP
      • 10 seconds of energy
        • Short duration
        • High intensity
        • E.G. Sprint
      • PC= C+ PI+energy
    • Lactic acid system
      • Splits glucose into 2 ATP
      • By product is lactic acid
      • Just under 1 minute of energy
        • Short duration
        • High intensity
        • E.G. 400m
      • Stop exercise at certain PH as the enzymes denature
    • Aerobic energy system
      • Series of chemical reactions
      • 1 glucose= 36 ATP
      • Use fat/proteins so less efficient and slower
      • Waste products are breathed and sweated out
      • 90 minutes of glucose
        • Long duration
        • Low intensity
        • E.G. Marathon
      • Glucose+O2= CO2+ H2O+ Energy
      • Elite= utilise fat and carbohydrates at the same time
      • Novice= hit the wall and use up all 90 minutes of carbohydrates in which they will then switch to using fats


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