Energy Systems

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  • Energy
    • Sun (solar energy)
      • Plants (chemical energy)
        • carbs, fats and proteins
          • stored chemical/ potential energy
            • ATP= ENERGY
              • kinetic energy
              • heat energy
    • Definitions
      • Energy
        • ablilty to perform work or put mass through motion (joules, J)
      • Work
        • When a force is applied to a body to move it a distance (newton metres, Nm)
      • Power
        • Rate at which work is done (watts, W)
    • ATP
      • stored in muscles
      • high energy compound
      • potential chemical energy
      • energy released using enzyme
        • ATP-ase
      • Only enough ATP stores to last up to 3 seconds
      • A-P-P-P
        • ATP-ase
          • A-P-P + P + ENERGY


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