ENDOTHHERMS - maintainingbody temperature

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  • ENDOTHHERMS - maintainingbody temperature
      • Sweat glands
        • secretes more sweat, water evaporates in sweat using heat from blood
          • latent heat
            • panting increases evaporation
        • Less sweat secreted
          • less water evaporation so less loss of latent heat
      • Hair erector muscles
        • hair lie flat
          • little insulation
            • more heat lost by convection and radiation
        • Erector muscles contract- hair stand up
          • trap a layer of insulatiing air
            • reducing heat loss from skin
      • Liver cells
        • rate of metabolism reduced
          • less heat generated from exergonic reactions
        • rate of metabolism increased
          • more heat generated
            • heat transferred to blood
      • skeletal muscles
        • no spontaneous contractions
        • Spontaneous contractions
          • generate heat as muscle cells respire more
      • Arterioles leading to capillaries in skin
        • vasoconstriction
          • reduces blood flow through capillaries near skin surface
            • less heat radiated
        • Vasodilation
          • allows more blood into capillaries near skin surface
            • more heat radiated from skin
      • Lungs,mouth and nose
        • panting increases evaporation
        • does not pant
          • less water evaporates
      • Too hot
        • Move into shade or hide in burrow
        • Orientate body to decrease surface area exposed to sun
        • Remain inactive and spread out limbs to increase surface area
      • Too cold
        • Move into sunlight
        • orientate body to sun to expose surface areas exposed to sun
        • Move about to generate heat in muscles


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