Mammals have Many Mechanisms to Change Body Temperature

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  • Control of Body temperature
    • Endotherms- e.g. mammals, birds.
      • Control body temperature internally by homeostasis. They can also control their temperature by behavior (e.g. by finding shade).
      • They internal temperature is less affected by the external temperature (within certain limits).
      • Their activity level is largely independent of the external temperature - they can be active at any temperature (within certain limits).
      • They have a constantly high metabolic rate and they generate a lot of heat from metabolic reactions.
    • Ectotherms - e.g. reptiles, fish
      • Can't control their body temperature internally - they control their temperature by changing their behavior
        • E.g. reptiles gain heat by basking in the sun.
      • Their internal temperature depends on the external temperature.
      • Their activity level depends on the external temperature- they're more active at higher temperatures and less active at lower temperatures.
      • They have a variable metabolic rate and they generate very little heat themselves.


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