Hypothalamus and control of body temperature

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  • The Hypothalamus Controls Body Temperature in Mammals
    • 1. Body temperature in mammals is maintained at a constant level by a part of the brain called HYPOTHALA-MUS.
    • 2. The hypothalamus receives information about both internal and external temperature from THERMORE-CEPTORS
      • Information about the internal temperature comes from thermorecep-tors in the hypothalamus that detect blood temperature.
      • Information about the external temperature comes from thermorecep-tors in the skin that detect skin temperature.
    • 3. Thermorecep-tors send impulses along sensory neurons to hypothalamus, which sends impulses along motor neurons to effectors ( muscles and glands).
    • 4. The neurons are part of the automatic nervous system, so it's all done unconsciously.
    • 5. The effectors respond to restore the body temperature back to normal.


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