End of an Era

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  • End of an Era
    • End of Cold War
      • Summit Meeting in Iceland 1986, Gorbachev proposed huge reductions in number of nuclear weapons held by USA and USSR
      • Approach failed but disarmament confirmed in Washington Treaty signed end of 1987
      • Gorbachev's reforms and movement to increased democracy improved relations, collapse of Berlin Wall ended Iron Curtain
      • Superpower leaders met at Summit Meeting in Malta beginning December 1989
      • First Summit Meeting for President George Bush, replaced Reagan 1989
      • No agreements signed but statements made suggesting end of Cold War
    • Collapse of USSR
      • Gorbachev praised in West for ending Cold War but less popular in USSR
      • Reforms greeted well but popularity soon fell because old structures acted against economy
      • Food shortages remained, rationing of goods
      • Gorbachev thought Communism would be reformed by policies, not collapse
      • Gorbachev seen as betrayer and reforms total disaster
      • Boris Yeltsin supported Gorbachev but thought he was moving too slowly, wanted more political democracy
      • Public criticism led to media commenting on weakness of Soviet economy, for half century, people only received positive news reports, now negative ones
      • Lost all faith and trust in political system, independence in states affected individual states in USSR wanting freedom
    • Boris Yeltsin
      • Yeltsin dismissed from Politburo but 1990 elected Chairman of Russian Parliament
      • June 1991 President of Russian Republic
      • August 1991 extreme communists rebelled and tried to seize power, Gorbachev under house arrest
      • Yeltsin rallied people and stood up to rebels caused coup to collapse and Gorbachev back to power albeit weakened
      • Demands of independence within USSR - collapsing
      • 25 December 1991 Gorbachev resigned, USSR dissolved next day, Boris Yeltsin President of Russian Federation, replaced USSR in UN


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