Employment and the Law

A brief overview.

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  • Employment and the Law
    • Employment Rights
      • Employees must be given a written contract of  employment
      • Staff must have copies of the businesses discipline procedures
      • Its illegal to pay workers less than the minimum wage
    • Anti-Discrimination Laws
      • Recruitment procedures cannot discriminate against groups of people
      • Its illegal to discriminate people based on age, religion, or sexual orientation
      • Women must be paid the same as men doing he same job
    • Health and Safety Legislation
      • All staff must get health and safety training
      • Health and safety equipment must be provided to employees
      • There are minimum requirements for the standards of toilets, washing facilities and fire escapes
    • Leaving Employment
      • There are laws against unfair dismissal
      • Employees can only be dismissed for being incompetent or if they've shown gross misconduct
      • Firms cannot re-advertise redundant jobs
      • Employees that think they've been unfairly dismissed can appeal to an employment tribunal


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