Trade Unions

This is all about the trade unions of a business.

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Trade Unions

Trade unions seek to protect the interest of their members. Anyone who is in employment can be part of a trade union. Members pay a subscription. Trade unions are good for their members, but employers often dislike them - They give the employees too much power.

1. Instead of each worker talking to the manager individually, the union talks to the manager on behalf of all the workers - The members usually get a better deal this way.

2. The trade unions help the members to obtain higher pay, better working conditions, shorter working hours and legal help in disputes with employers.

3. They give their members social facillities, training and general legal advice. They can also negotiate discounts on behalf of its members on things such as car insurance.

4. Some employers like collective bargaining as it is much easier to deal with the workforce.

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Redundancy -  This is when a workers employment is no longer needed because the work they do is no longer needed.

This could happen because new technology is introduced.

The law protects its workers with "Redundancy money". This is when a package is given to the employee when he/she is made resundant.

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