Business: Section 4 (Employment and the law)

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  • Employment & The Law
    • Employment rights & Minimum wage
      • Employees must give written contract of employment within two months.
      • Staff should have copy of discipline procedure - explains which offences lead to warnings or dismissals.
      • Max 48 hours per week for most
    • Anti Discrimination Laws
      • Must not discriminate against gender , ethnic minorities or disabled.
      • Also illegal to discriminate due to age religion or sexual orientation
      • Equal opportunities , pay cant differ due to gender
    • Health and Safety Legislation
      • Health and safety equipment must be provided
      • All staff must have relevant training
      • Minimum requirements for toilets , wash facilities and fire escapes.
      • If not can be prosecuted , fined and even shut down
    • Leaving employment
      • Unfair dismissal - Can only be dismissed if incompetent or shown gross misconduct.
      • Can only be made reduntdant if job no longer exists. Cannot re-advertise a redundancy
      • Employeees unfairly dismissed can apppeal to employment tribunal. Compensation or reinstate.


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