Elizabeth I's Parliament

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  • Elizabeth I's Parliament
    • Elizabeth saw Parliament as a 'necessary evil'.
    • Parliament passed 438 Acts under Elizabeth on issues such as Religion and Social Policy.
    • Most important function: grant extraordinary revenue to the crown; of the 13 parliaments called, 11 were used to raise revenue.
      • Parliament granted Elizabeth subsidies 8 times.
    • William Cecil managed the Commons and the Commons and the Government legislative programme.
    • Privy Councillors frequently introduced bills and sat on committees to ensure Elizabeth's desires were given Parliamentary approval.
    • 1563 & 1566 - Elizabeth irritated by Parliament discussing the issue of her marriage.
      • Elizabeth banned discussion of both religion and succession from Parliament.
    • Refused Royal Assent for 60 Bills, 15 of which were in 1585 alone.
    • MP Peter Wentworth was arrested and imprisoned twice for openly discussing the issue of succession; arrested 1593 and remained imprisoned until his death in 1597.
    • 1601 - relationship with Parliament broke down over the issue of monopolies; the crown lost control over the debate and had to compromise.
    • 1601 - Elizabeth's Golden Speech given in what she knew would be her last parliament - left lasting image of 'Gloriana' and showed Royal Supremacy even at the end of her reign.
    • Elizabeth created 62 new seats = patronage.
    • William Strickland proposed a reformation of the Prayer Book in 1571, despite Elizabeth banning the discussion of religion in Parliament.
    • Parliament called for the execution of the Duke of Norfolk and Mary Queen of Scots 1572 & 1586-1587.
    • Parliament challenged religious policies 1559, 1571, 1587.


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