Elizabeth I - Catholics

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  • Elizabeth I - Catholics
    • Elizabeth adopted an attitude of tolerance towards them in the early years of her reign.
    • Act of Supremacy 1559 - dealt with recusants by laying down fines for those who didn't attend church (however rarely enforced).
    • 'Church Papists' = English Catholics who went to Church.
    • An active minority followed the Catholics who (accept one) refused to conform to the Oath of Supremacy 1559.
    • 1571 Act made publishing Papal Bills treasonable.
    • Act to Retain the Queen's Majesty's Subjects in their Due Obedience 1581 -made it treason to draw subjects' allegiance to either the Queen or the Church of England.
      • Also made saying mass punishable by heavy fine and imprisonment
      • The fine for non-attendance at church was raised to £20 a month.
    • 187 Catholics executed (123 Catholic Priests).
    • 1585 Act against Jesuits and Seminary Priests - treasonable for priests ordained under the Pope's authority to enter England.
    • 1587 - Mary Queen of Scots executed.
    • 'Bond of Association for the Preservation of the Queen Majesty's Royal Person'
      • Anyone who took the Oath of Supremacy was required to execute anyone who attempted to usurp the Crown or make an attempt on Elizabeth's life.
    • College founded in the Netherlands 1568 to train Catholic priests to be sent to England and keep Catholicism alive.
      • By 1571, 11 seminary priests - 1580 = 100 - 1580-1585 = 179.
    • Society of Jesus began sending Jesuit priests to England in 1580 to restore Catholicism. Success = limited as they operated in the South-East where Protestantism was strong.


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