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  • Elijah
    • Drought
      • God sends a three year drought on Israel
      • The Israelites have disobeyed God and need to be punished
      • Elijah is told to go to Kerith Ravine where he will be fed and cared for
    • Kerith Ravine
      • Elijah fed by ravens and drinks from brook
      • The brook dries up
      • He is told to go to Zerephath where he will meet a widow
    • The Widow
      • She is going to make her last meal for her and her son
      • Elijah asks for food and drink
      • When it has run out it fills up again and again
      • The Widow's son is ill and Elijah jumps on him seven times and he is alive
    • Obadiah
      • Obadiah and the king's men are looking for food and drink
        • Obadiah hid 100 prophets in two caves; fifty in each. he follows God
      • Obadiah meets Elijah and Elijah begs him to tell the king he is there
      • God has asked Elijah to present himself to King Ahab
    • Mount Carmel
      • Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal
      • They sacrifice bulls and the God who answers by fire is the Lord
        • Elijah's bull is soaked in water and there is a trench of water around it
      • Baal doesn't respond and Elijah teases them
      • God answers and everyone bows down to him
        • God soaks up all the water and the trench around it


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