Elements of music

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  • Elements of music
    • Texture
      • How many layers are playing?
      • What is the technical term for this?
      • Do the number of layers change?
    • Dynamics
      • What is the volume?
      • Does it change?
      • Is there a term to describe this?
    • Tempo
      • What is the speed?
      • Does it change?
      • Is there a term to describe this?
    • Pitch and melody
      • Is the pitch mostly high or low?
      • What is the shape of the melody?
      • Does it move in step or are there big jumps?
      • Is the any decoration / ornaments
    • Harmony and tonality
      • What chords (sequences) are used?
      • What is the key?
      • Does it change?
    • Rhythm
      • Is the emphasis on or off the beat?
      • Are the rhythms mostly made up of one type?
      • How do the different rhythms relate to each other
    • Timbre and Sonority
      • What instruments can you hear?
      • Are they what you expect in this style?
      • How are the instruments played?
    • Structure
      • What is the first section of the music?
      • What next etc.
      • Does this type of structure have a name?


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