Theme and Variations


Five variations on a theme

  • Form as the balance of unity/variety,
  • Form as musical architecture,
  • Form as hearing aural identity,
  • Form as a continuum,
  • Form as a web of relationships.
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Repetition---Variation---)Total contrast

Each new part will use one or more music element to 'vary' or change this melodic idea without losing the theme.

Two-part songs= binary

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Terms/ Descriptions

  • Repetition od the same melodic theme throughout a musical composition.
  • Compositions begin with a statement of the main idea.
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What can you do to charge the theme

  • Round/Canon
  • Drone
  • Ornamentation
  • Ostinarto 
  • Inversion
  • Counter melody
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How are variations created

  • Melody
  • Rythm
  • Harmony
  • Tonality
  • Time signature
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