Electric Fields

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  • Electric Fields
    • Electrostatic Force
      • Definition by Coulomb's Law
    • Electric Field Intensity
      • In a Uniform field (-dv/dx)
      • In a spherical field  q/4??r²
      • Field Intensity near some specific objects in space
        • infinitely large 1.conducting 2. non conducting plate
        • Infinitely long conducting rod
        • Conducting loops
        • Conducting and Non Conducting spheres (Hollow and Solid)
    • Electric Potential
      • Definition
        • work done to bring a unit positive charge to a point from infinity and is a scalar
      • Potential Energy is the energy of a charge Q in a point of potential q
        • Positive charges prefer Low potential point
        • Negative charges prefer high pot. points
    • Gauss' law


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