KS3 Physics Mindmap

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  • Physics
    • Density
      • How to find the density of regularly and irregularly shaped objects
      • Density equation
      • Why some objects float, including knowledge of weight and upthrust
      • How to describe objects in terms of density
    • Electricity and Magnetism
      • Diodes and their application
      • Switches and their applications
      • The Earth's Magnetic field
      • Properties of series and parallel circuits
      • Magnets and their effects
      • Potential difference (voltage) and its measurement
      • Current and its measurement
      • How an electromagnet works
      • Applications of electromagnets
      • How to change the strength of an electromagnet
      • Properties of magnetic fields and how to draw them
    • Astronomy
      • Day and night
      • Seasons and years
      • The Sun and the Solar System/Planets
      • Lunar and Solar Eclipses
      • Luminous and non-luminous objects
      • Mass and Weight
      • Satellites, including natural and artificial types
      • Galaxies and constellations
    • Heat Energy
      • Evaporation
      • The meaning of heat and temperature
      • Thermal energy transfer by conduction, convection and radiation
      • Thermometers
      • Applications of conduction, convection and radiation (e.g. insulation)


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