Elections and Voting in America

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  • Elections and Voting
    • When do presidential elections occur?
      • Every 4 years - Article II
      • Federal law states they will be held after the first Mon. in Nov.
      • VP takes office if the pr. dies in office
    • What are the requirements for presidential candidates?
      • Constitutional
        • 35
        • Residency of 14 years
        • Natural born American citizen
      • Extra
        • Political Experience
        • Major Party Endorsement
        • Personal Characteristics
        • Money
        • Organisatsation
        • Oratical Skills and telegenic
        • Relevant Policies
    • How are presidential candidates selection?
      • Invisible Primary
      • Primary/ Caucuses
        • Jan to early June
        • Super Tuesday
        • Open or Close and Proportional or Winner-takes-all
        • Good or bad?
      • National Party Conventions
    • What factors explain voting behaviour?
      • Party Affiliation
      • Gender
      • Race
      • Religion
      • Age
      • Wealth
      • Geographic region
      • Population area
      • Policies
    • How does the Electoral College system work?
      • No of votes each state receives is equal to the number of seats they have in Congress
      • Winner takes all in most states
      • 270 votes needed to win pr.
    • What happens in congressional elections?
      • Every 2 years
      • Congressional primaries
      • Trends
        • Coattails effects
        • Split-ticket voting
        • Incumbents = strong support
        • Fewer competitve House elections
    • What are propositions, referendums and recall elections?
      • Propositions - enables citizens to bypass their state legislatures by placing proposed laws and constitutional amendments on the ballot
      • Referendums - stem from something the legislators have done
      • Enables voters to remove an elected official from office before the end of their term


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This is concise and well-organised overview is likely to be useful to students who wish to check the extent of their knowledge of US elections. It might also provide an effective starting point from which to attach evidence and case studies which can be used in evaluation and analysis of issues such as the degrees to which the system promotes and facilitates democratic involvement or the impact of pressure groups and third parties.

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