Effects of smoking

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  • Effects of smoking
    • Tar
      • Presence of chemicals may cause an allergic reaction so smooth muscles contract
        • Chemicals contain carcinogens which cause mutations in cells
          • Lung cancer
      • Paralyses cilia
      • Stimulates goblet cells to release more mucus
        • Long term effect of smokers cough
          • Paralyses cilia
          • This damages lining of airways and is replaced by scar tissue restricting air flow
        • Chronic bronchitis
          • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
            • Blue lips
            • Continual coughing
            • Short of breath
    • Carbon monoxide
      • Combines with haemoglobin
        • Forms carboxyhaemoglobin
          • Reduces oxygen-carrying capacity
      • Damage lining of arteries
        • Encourage growth of smooth muscle and deposition of cholesterol
          • Build up of atheromas forms a plaque which reduces the lumen of the artery
            • A blood clot may form known as thrombosis
              • Makes platelets sticky
            • May lead to Coronary Heart Disease which can be an angina, heart attack or stroke
    • Nicotine
      • Causes the release of adrenaline which raises blood pressure
      • Makes nervous system more sensitive and smoker more alert
      • Makes platelets sticky
      • Constriction of arterioles that lead to extremities of the body




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