Edward VI

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  • Edward VI
    • became king at age 9
      • by 15 he was dying from a lung disease called tuberculosis
        • dies on 6th July 1553
    • Protestant
    • Changes
      • Church before
        • stained glass
        • statue of the Virgin Mary
        • Expensive robes
        • Gold crosses, candlesticks and chalices
        • rood screen (to separate priest from worshippers)
        • picture to explain Bible stories
        • sanctuary lamps kept permanently alight to show the continued presence of God
        • stone altar
      • Church after
        • royal coat of arms
        • stained glass smashed and replaced with plain glass
        • plain clothes
        • pulpit for preaching the new English services
        • simple wooden table
        • wall plaques with the Lord's pray and parts of the Bible in English
        • pray book in English not Latin
    • there were rebellions
      • Edward sent his soldiers to hand the rebels in the nearest trees


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