sociology recap of educational policies

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  • educational policies: reducing inequality
    • coalition government free school meals: working class and middle class pupils got free school meals
      • prevents bullying to reduce class inequality
    • pupil premium:  schools receive money for individual pupils for those who are from a low-income background
      • gives those who suffer from material deprivation chance to succeed.
    • comprehensive schools: 1965 introduced a school for all social classes
      • a chance to start education equally; however widened inequality due to labelling and streaming
    • education action zone: gave schools additional resources to those who couldn't afford them
      • gave them all an equal chance of doing well if they had the same resources
    • education maintenance allowances: gave money to those who suffered from material deprivation
      • to encourage them to stay on in education over the age of 16 if they want to and know they can't afford it


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