material deprivation

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  • Education - Material Deprivation
    • Material deprivation or poverty can cause working-class under-achievement.
    • Poor housing
      • Overcrowding or cold and damp rooms mean pupils have nowhere quiet to do homework.
      • Being homeless or living in temporary accommodati- on may mean frequent moves and changes of school.
    • Poor diet
      • Can lead to illness, absences from school and lack of concentration in class due to hunger
    • Financial cost  of education
      • poorer families can afford fewer educational opportunities, e.g trips, computers, private tuition.
        • Children  may be stigmatised or bullied for lacking the right uniform or latest fashion trends.
      • Higher Education- Callender & Jackson (2005)
        • Working-class students more debt averse.
        • Saw more costs that benifits in going to university (e.g. tuitition fees) and this influenced their desisions.
          • When at University, they receive less financial support from their families.
    • Cultural capital theory
      • Combines aspects of both cultural and material explanations
      • Marxists such as Bourdieu (1984) argue that middle-class pupils are more successful that working-class pupils because their parents possess more capital or assets.
      • Economic Capital - The Wealth that middle-class families own.
      • Cultural Capital - The attitudes, values, skills, knowledge etc of the middle-class
      • Educational capital - The middle class use their greater economic + cultural capital to give their children and educational advantage by using it to obtain educational capital- Qualifacations.
        • This allows their children to get middle-class jobs + more economic capital, thus reproducing the advantages of the middle-class from generation to generation


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