Changes to education in apartheid up to 1959

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  • Education and apartheid 1948-59
    • Pre-1948 early education
      • Education for Africans part racially segregated
        • Small number of black SA attended elite mission schools
          • broad syllabus
          • taught by white and black teachers
        • Most school primary education only
          • Funded by government and local churches
      • System inadequate for mass education
        • 1951 census 24% literate black SA
    • National Party Legislation
      • 1953 Bantu Education Act passed
        • Extend education to African children
          • needed for labour force expansion
            • workers in shops and factories increasing  need skilled workforce
            • some degree of English, Afrikaans needed
          • segregate content of education
        • Schools directly under state control
          • NP concern over street youths
      • 1959 Extension of University Education Act
        • Ensure Fort Hare came under gov control
        • Planned for...
          • Full segregation by race of white English language universities
          • new universities for A ethnic groups and other racially defined minorities
    • Pre-1950 university education
      • black students who finished school leaving certificate + had money
        • the University of Fort Hare or University Cape Town or Witwatersrand Johannesburg
          • same training as whites
          • Fort Hare was the centre of black student opposition to apartheid


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