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  • Education
    • Makes fun of formal education
      • Lee satirises (makes fun via exaggerating) classroom learning.
        • When Miss Caroline finds out Scout can read she punishes her rather than encourages her.
      • Miss Gates is a hypocrite
        • Teaches than Hitler's persecution of Jews was wrong. But supports the persecution of black people in her society.
      • However makes it clear that it is important. Uneducated characters (Bob E) come across as ignorant
    • Scout and Jem learn more outside of the classroom
      • Happens during summer holidays
      • Atticus give Scout moral education. Empathy, courage and fairness.
      • Calpurnia teach them manners.
      • Miss Maudie teaches them to respect Atticus
      • Aunt Alexandra teaches Scout to be a lady.
    • Other characters learn too
      • Mr Cunningham educated by Scout outside jail
        • Harming Tom R is wrong
      • Aunt A is against defending Tom, but when loses she is sorry.
        • Atticus is right.
    • Education is also powerful
      • People respect others with an education. Atticus for example
      • Black people cannot get an education. They are powerless (without jobs)
      • Calpurnia who can read, gives hope. Taught her son Zeebo to read too.


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