Eddie - Character Revision

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  • Eddie
    • He has quite a thing for Catherine.
      • "She's seventeen years old, you gonna keep her in the house all her life?" - Beatrice
        • Eddie is very possessive and protective over Catherine.
      • "You're walkin' wavy."
        • Doesn't seem very fatherly-like or uncle-like to mention a girl's appearance in this way.
        • Pushing the boundary!
      • "He was good to me, Rodolpho." - Catherine
        • He did love and care for Catherine.
      • "What's the heels for, Garbo?"
        • Doesn't want Catherine to be the centre of attention.
          • "The heads are turning like windmills."
      • Jealous of Rodolpho.
        • "He looks at Catherine like a lost boy."
    • Tunnels comment.
      • "His eyes were like tunnels."
      • Alfieri fears Eddie like a paranormal beast.
      • He believes that Eddie was possessed.
        • "passion moved into his body like a stranger."
          • This passion is what Eddie has for Catherine - cannot be controlled.
      • It describes Eddie as though he was a legend, that could end with a tragedy.
    • Honour and Reputation
      • Eddie continuously demands respect.
        • "I want my name, Marco."
        • "I want my respect, Beatrice."
          • Asserting his alpha male role.
        • Hypocritical - Eddie doesn't give anyone else respect in the book.
          • eg. "They count the kids and there's extra than when they left?" to Marco.
        • "It's all an honour, B."
          • "I took the sheets off my bed for him and he puts his filthy hands on her like a god damn thief!"
          • Eddie thinks he deserves mass respect for letting the immigrants live with him.
      • Eddie's identity was found in the street - hence why Marco decided to humiliate Eddie in front of everyone.
        • Louis barely turns and walks off to the left with Mike.
      • "He's gonna take that back! I'm gonna kill him."
    • Self-centred.
      • "Give me the number of the Immigration Bureau. I want to report illegal immigrants."
        • Knowing the consequence (eg. Vinny Bolzano) he still does it as his relationship with Catherine is under threat.
      • "What I feel like doin' in the bed and what I don't feel like doin' in the bed."
        • He decides what he does, not Beatrice.
    • His death.
      • He pulls out a knife to kill Marco but it's turned on him and kills him.
        • Could represent sexuality - his lust for Catherine caused his death.
      • "My B.!"
        • He cries for Beatrice and not Catherine - he still loves Beatrice!
      • Self-destruction.
    • Justice
      • "A guy like that? How's he gonna show his face?"
        • It's shameful in Eddie's eyes to snitch about immigrants. But he does this himself!
      • He believes what Rodolpho is doing is unjust: marrying Catherine to be a legal immigrant.
        • "He's a weird!"
    • Conflict
      • Barbed/bad jokes
        • eg. Joke about Marco's wife.
      • Physical
        • Boxing with Rodolpho.
        • Marco v Eddie at the end.
      • Mental - accepting terms with Catherine.
        • "All right. Go to work." and "I only wanted the best for you."


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