Marco - Character Revision

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  • Marco
    • Introduction
      • An illegal immigrant from Sicily.
      • Has a wife and children (one child has TB).
        • He comes to America to earn money to support them.
      • Marco ends up killing Eddie by turning his own knife on him after being betrayed and wanting revenge.
    • Family Loyalty and Honour
      • Marco loves his family and moves to America to help them and earn money.
        • "My wife - I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars."
      • He loves his family.
        • He is saddened when he talks about them.
          • "he is near tears."
      • He takes responsibility for his younger brother, Rodolpho.
        • When he realised Eddie was upset by Rodolpho and Catherine, he controls Rodolpho.
          • "You come early now."
        • Controls Rodolpho slightly in time of need.
          • "You be quiet, Rodolpho."
          • "He rose a hand to hush Rodolpho."
    • Justice
      • Marco is annoyed that Alfieri is letting Eddie go free for what he done (betrayed the family)
        • "In my country, he would be dead now."
        • "The law? All the law is not in a book."
      • "That one! I accuse that one!"
      • He spits in Eddie's face.
        • "Marco spits into Eddie's face."
    • Masculinity
      • Very manly compared to his brother.
        • "he is a square-built peasant of thirty-two, suspicious, tender and quiet-voiced"
      • Shows dominance by lifting the chair.
        • "the chair raised like a weapon above Eddie's head."
      • Likes to put Eddie in his place.
        • "Animal. You go on your knees to me."
      • "The older one. Boy, he's a regular bull."
    • Respect and Reputation
      • Marco is responsible for taking Eddie's respect in the street.
        • "That one! I accuse that one!"
      • He respects and is grateful to be allowed to stay with the Carbones.
        • "When you say go, we go."
      • May have taken Eddie's 'name' as this is where Eddie found his identity in the community.
      • "He degraded my brother. He killed my children."
    • Poverty (at home)
      • Marco comes from a poor background where he lives.
      • His family are struggling.
      • "My wife feeds them from her own mouth."
      • "They eat the sunshine."


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