Beatrice - Character Revision

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  • Beatrice
    • Stereotypical
      • Beatrice is the typical Italian housewife.
        • Cooks, cleans etc.
        • "I didn't even buy a new tablecloth!"
    • Angered by Eddie's feelings for Catherine.
      • She is suspicious at the start about Eddie's feelings for Catherine.
        • "Eddie looked at Beatrice, who was avoiding his gaze." (Catherine getting the cigar.)
      • Jealous of Catherine's attention she gets from Eddie.
        • "When am I gonna be a wife again Eddie?"
        • "You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her!"
        • "You wouldn't let her go out. It's too late now."
      • She is suspicious as they haven't had sex for 3 months.
      • "Ah, go on, you're just jealous."
    • She still has family loyalty.
      • "Don't call him that!"
        • Beatrice is still offended by Catherine calling him a rat... this shows she still has feelings for him.
      • It is Beatrice that holds Eddie as he dies in her arms.
        • This shows that despite their problems, they still loved each other no matter what - this repaired their relationship
        • "He dies in her arms, Beatrice covers him with her body."
    • Peaceful
      • "We all belong in the garbage. You, and me."
        • Beatrice realises it is everyone's fault.
      • Assertive when necessary.
      • "Shh...don't say that."
    • Aware of her rights as a wife.
      • "Now go, go to your wedding Katie, I'll stay home."
        • She respects Eddie's command that she stays at home.
    • Understands the characters.
      • "If it was prince came here for you it would be different."
      • Thinks for everyone.
      • "If you act like a baby, he be treatin' you like a baby."




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