Dyslexia Key Points

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  • Dyslexia-    Key Points
    • Dyslexia is a term that can easily be mis-understood
    • Dyslexia can be seen in a continuum from mild to severe.
    • Children with dyslexia can show different characteristics and therefore their needs should be addressed on an individual basis.
    • Although the principal difficulties associated with dyslexia relate to literacy- children with dyslexia can also show other difficulties relating to memory, coordination & organisation.
    • Learning how children learn and how to make learning more effective through study skills and good teaching practices can be extremely beneficial for children with dyslexia.
    • There is a wide range of commercially produced reading programmes that can augment teaching intervention with children with dyslexia.
    • It is important to consider the role of the cirriculum and the processes involving differentiation and learning styles as these can help dyslexic children understand the task more clearly and undertake learning more effectively.
    • It is important to recognise the need to boost the self-esteem of children as it is too easy for them to become discouraged and lose interest.


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