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  • Dyslexia
    • What is dyslexia?
      • Best described as a continuum of difficulties related to the acquisition of basic skills in reading, writing, spelling and/or number.
      • Difficulty distinguishing between left and right
      • Word Blindness
      • Difficulty telling the time
      • Struggle to tie their shoe laces
      • Difficulty following instructions
      • Confuse spoken sounds
    • Origins
      • 1887
        • Rudolph Berlin coins the word dyslexia. Dys- meaning difficulty with. Lexia- meaning words/ language
      • 1896
        • William Pringle Morgan publishes 'A Case of Congenital Word Blindness'
    • Causes
      • Brain cells may be arranged differently. (Inefficient connection between the right and left hand side of the brain)
      • It can be inherited
      • Due to brain damage at time of birth/ poor health
      • As a result of poor schooling- down to attitudes or organisation.
    • Symptons
      • Have a poor short term memory.
      • Often confuse right and left.
      • Mix up/misread numbers and letters
      • Strongly dislike reading aloud.
      • Poor spelling skills.
      • Very slow reader and writer.


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