Role of teachers and School Dyslexia

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  • Dyslexia
    • Role of Teachers!
      • Explain things carefully and then show pupils how it is done.
      • Give pupils time to listen, think, answer and write.
      • Monitor pupils in order to notice if they are having difficulty and offer help.
      • Write clearly on the board and provide appropriate printed materials.
      • When asked a question engage with the learner.
      • Provide a learning classroom with a friendly environment.
    • Role of Schools!
      • Creating an ethos and culture within the school which promotes the inclusion of pupils with dyslexia.
      • Define a process for identification, assessment and monitoring of pupils with dyslexia.
      • Implement partnerships- between teacher, student and parents.
      • Inclusion of dyslexia in school policy.
      • Provide staff with training.


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