DT GCSE 9-1 Topic 3: Developments in new materials

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  • DT GCSE 9-1 Topic 3:  Developments in new materials
    • Modern materials
      • Powder coating metals= comes in a range of colours, offers surface protection,
        • Liquid Crystal Displays allows for displays to be thinner e.g smaller computers
          • Nano-materials= materials with a single unit of 1- 100nm
    • Smart materials
      • Photochromic
        • Hydrochromic
          • Thermometric
            • SMA
              • A material that has a memory e.g after being heated at 90* then returning to original shape.
            • Thermometers change colour dependant on the heat.
          • Plastic moisture testers in plant pots from yellow to blue (dry to wet.)
        • Some glasses darken as UV increases.
    • Composite materials
      • CARBON FIBRE REINFORCED POLYMER (CFRP) expensive sports cars
        • Carbon fibre woven into mateiral then epocy resin + the end is a light and strong material
      • Kevlar a liquid turned into a fibre,
        • (hydrogen bonds and are formed with the polymer chains wich act like glue keeping the seperate polymer chains together)
          • v.strong and lightweight heat and corrosion resitant= planes
      • Steel reinforced concrete= steel rods put in used for bridges and skyscrapers
    • How fibres are spun
      • Conductive fibres
        • staple fibers+ electrically conductive staple fibers can be mixed and spun
      • fire resistant fabrics= fibres are treated with flame retardant fabric
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