drug evaluation

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  • Drug Evaluation
    • cheaper and quicker than psychological
      • quicker therapies are important for those who are suicidal
      • cheapness means it available to everyone
        • people may be unable to afford things like CBT
    • less stigma so people are more likely to take them
    • effective with symptoms but don't help underlying cause
    • People often relapse so aren't as effective as people believe
    • Anti-depressants may be less appropriate for younger people as they may not work with the biological changes in the brain.
      • Ferguson et al- teens who toke SSRI’s had increased risk of suicide
    • May become dependent on the drugs
    • side effects e.g. nausea
      • Prozac has been linked  with increased suicide
    • clinicians has be careful with prescribing due to individual differences
    • maybe only work as a initial treatment due to issues with dependency etc.
      • psychological may be better long term


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