Learning explanations of substance misuse

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  • Learning explanations for substance misuse
    • Positive reinforcement explains the early stages of drug taking - it's rewarding because it produces pleasurable and desired feelings
      • this is short-term reinforcement as the effect wears off relatively quickly
    • Another factor is the social approval of friends which positively reinforces the taking of drugs
    • Young people may feel more 'grown up' because they're taking a drug
    • Maintenance and development of substance misuse is due to negative reinforcement
      • as the effect wears off, it can be very unpleasant. taking more of the drug stops these negative experiences occurring. drug taking is therefore negatively reinforced
    • Evaluation
      • Explains why various cultures tend to see the misuse of different substances as different drugs are seen as cool in diff. cultures
      • many drugs produce a strong immediate effect which positively reinforces use
      • not everyone succumbs to social pressure to participate, operant conditioning can't explain why some people resist
      • some drugs produce unpleasant side effects when first taken which should put users off yet many persist into addiction


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