Chracters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Characters
    • Mr. Utterson
      • Narrator of the book. Lawyer. All characters confide in him
    • Richard Enfield
      • Cousin of Mr. Utterson. He is witness to first crime
    • Dr. Lanyon
      • Former friend and colleague of Dr. Jekyll. Fell out over scientific endeavours
    • Dr. Henry Jekyll
      • Middle aged doctor, well thought of and wealthy
    • Edward Hyde
      • Small deformed disgusting man. Devoid of a profession. Pure evil
    • Sir Danvers Carew
      • Highly respected  prominent member of society
    • Mr. Guest
      • Law office clerk to Mr. Utterson.  Discovers the handwriting of Dr.J and Mr H same
    • Richard Poole
      • Faithful butler to Dr. Jekyll


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