Dr Henry Jekyll

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  • Dr Henry Jekyll
    • Medical doctor
      • Wanted to split himself in half
    • Interest in the supernatural
      • Created a potion that allowed him to have 2 identities
        • Good and bad
      • "led wholly towards the mystic and transcendental"
    • Lives respectably as Henry and as a criminal as Hyde
    • Wrote a will to give everything to Hyde
      • It was in case anything happened to him
      • 'In the death or disappearance of Dr Henry Jekyll'
        • Shows that he knows he might turn into Hyde and need everything to be able to carry on
        • It's first shown at the start of the book which brings in a sense of mystery
    • Vows not to use the potion again after Hyde acts worse
      • Is weak and ignores that
      • Stops being able to control his transformations
        • Becomes a afraid to leave the house
        • They start happening more and more
        • Gets scared
    • Revels to Dr Lanyon that he and Hyde are one in the same
      • He needed chemicals
      • He needed help keeping control
      • Caused Lanyon's death
        • Heart attack
    • Runs out of a chemical needed to control Hyde
      • Uses it up
        • Changes to Hyde for the last time
      • Writes Utterson an account of what happened to him
    • Main protagonist
      • Don't get to see much of him
    • Introduced through reputation
    • Revealed that he and Hyde are the same person in chapter 9


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