Data Protection Act (1998)

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  • DPA (1998)
    • The act covers all data
    • Paper records
    • Electrical data
    • 1.Data must not be prcessed unless there is a lawful reason
    • 2.Data can only be used for specific purposes
    • 3.If a business is collecting data, they should ask for NI numbers
    • 4.Data must be accurate
    • 4.If not then information could be given to another person
    • 5.Data should NOT be kept longer then necessary
    • 6.No business can pass bank details on without permission of the data subject
    • 7.Data holders must protect data from theft or anoy other circumstance
    • 8.Data should not be transferred abroad.
    • 8.This is to protect people from other businesses who may try to do this so that they can avoid UK law.


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