Down by the Salley Gardens

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  • Down by the Salley Gardens
    • Context
      • Used to be called "An old song re-sung" because Yeats based this off an old Irish folk-song that he heard a peasant singing
    • Form
      • Very simple lyrics, but maintains a rhyme scheme which makes it sound like a sing-song, as it was originally intended to be
    • Meaning
      • The poem is about two lovers, the speaker and their female counterpart. She keeps giving him advise about love, but he tends to ignore it, instead focusing on how things appear, so their love ends in his "tears."
      • The man's love is represented by nature- it was blossoming, growing like the "leaves grow on the trees".
      • While he is represented by nature, she is represented as a cold thing, like winter. Her skin is "snow white" which works because snow kills plants, aka his love.
    • Themes
      • Love
      • Heartbreak
      • Nature


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