Domestic Violence

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  • Domestic Violence
    • Mirrlees-Black (1999)
      • There are 6.6 million domestic assaults a year
      • Nearly 1 in 4 women has been assaulted at some time in her life
      • Social groups at greater risk: children & young people, working class, low income people
    • Dobash & Dobash (1979)
      • Marriage legitimates violence against women
        • Does this by conferring power & authority on husbands and dependence on wives
      • Violent incidents could be set off by what a man saw as a challenge to his authority
    • Cheal (1991)
      • Police aren't prepared to become involved in the family
        • Believe the family is a private sphere, so access by state agencies should be limited
        • Believe the family is a good thing, so they tend to neglect "darker side" of the family
        • Believe if a woman is being abused, she is free to leave their husband
          • This is not true as these women are usually financially dependent on their husbands
    • Wilkinson (1996)
      • Domestic violence is the result of stress on family members caused by social inequality
      • Those on low incomes or live in overcrowded homes experience higher levels of stress
        • This reduces chances of maintaining stable, caring relationship, and increases risk of conflict & violence
    • Radical Feminists
      • Patriarchal society is responsible for encouraging domestic violence against women
        • This is because it gives me more power


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