Do UK Pressure Groups help Democracy?

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  • Do Pressure Groups Aid Democracy?
    • Positive
      • Collectiveness - people coming together and being heard
      • Provide check on the executive and legislature
        • E.g. Liberty
      • Protect minority views
        • stops tyranny of majority
      • Provide the other side of the argument
        • RSPCA - Fox Hunting issue
      • "Helping the little people"
      • Provide advice for the government
        • E.g. BMA
      • Provide a safety valve for individuals
        • The idea that a group is stronger than an individual
        • E.g. Fathers 4 Justice
    • Negative
      • Only rich or insider pressure groups are successful than others
        • However some rich groups are not listened to
          • E.g. Greenpeace
        • E.g. CBI
      • Pressure groups don't represent majority, so sometimes the public are not interested
      • Pressure groups are not representative of their membership, they are undemocratic
      • Does having pressure groups question Parliaments power?
        • So who is in power, Parliament or Pressure Groups?
      • Sometimes can be violent or perform illegal actions
        • E.g. Fathers 4 Justice on top of Parliament


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