Unit 2 Section 2.2 DNA Replication

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  • DNA Replication
    • Why Does DNA replicate
      • DNA copies itself before cell division, so that each new cell has the full amount of DNA
    • How is DNA replicated?
      • A DNA molecule has a paired base structure which makes it easy for DNA to copy itself
        • 1) the hydrogen bonds between the two polynucleotide DNA strands break. The Helix unzips to form two single strands
        • 2) Each original single strand acts as a template for a new strand. free floatiing DNA nucleotides join to the exposed bases on each original template strand by complementary base pairing, A and T and C and G
        • 3) the nucleotides on the new strand are joined together by the enzyme DNA polymerase. Hydrogen bonds form between the bases on the original and new strand
          • Each new DNA molecule contains one strand from the original DNA molecule and one new strand


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