DNA fingerprinting/profiling

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  • DNA Fingerprinting
    • 1. Isolation of DNA
      • DNA is recovered from the cells + tissues of body.
    • 2. Cutting and sizing of DNA
      • DNA cut into fragments - either side of MRSs by a specific endonuclease
    • 3. DNA Fragments are separated by Gel Electrophoresis
      • Small fragments move further down the gel. Large frag. dont travel as much.
    • 4. Transfer of DNA to Nylon
      • Bands are heated to make them single stranded. Transferred to nylon membrane.
        • Called 'Southern Blot'
    • 5. Probing
      • Membrane washed with Radioactive DNA Probe - binds to spec. DNA fragments.
    • 6. DNA Fingerprint
      • ONLY frag. detected and bound by the probe show up. The pattern of bands is called DNA Fingerprint.


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